Zero Waste


Food Scraps

Promoting the products done

Green Entrepreneurship/ Sustainable Business

A world without waste

 Waste generation and management

School of the future


Workshop for the manufacture of various items from recycled materials

Making compost

Making soap

Ceramics and pottery workshop

Business ideas for green entrepreneurship

Creative workshop: Making an insect hotel from recycled materials

Our global society is not sustainable. We are currently facing a number of environmental issues: global warming, climatechange, waste, loss of biodiversity

circular economy

Students will explore the circular economy: how businesses can create value by reusing and recycling products, how designers can come up with clever solutions, and how they can contribute to make the circular economy happen. Students will
also learn to rethink the economic system they are experiencing every day, and act upon it.

vision of a sustainable world

The project aims at creating a model of caring and respectful communities towards nature and sustainable economic growth which can be transferred at the community level; it also aims at ensuring that all learners acquire the knowledge and
skills needed to promote sustainable development.

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